Susan Scovell, Architect & Buyer

"The lot we brought was hiding in plain sight, yet very few people paid it attention. It was such a wonderful find and perfect march for our needs. To say we appreciate Jandina Gelormino’s sharp eye is an understatement ! She is an excellent researcher. Even though 75% of our team was out of town, Jandina managed to show all properties to all of us from afar. Both via her videos, still shots and google earth views. And all of this took just a week or two. We are so PLEASED ! Thank you Jandina !" -Susan Scovell, Architect and New Owner.

Ann Edlen

I have worked on several extensive projects with Jandina over the last several years. Not only is she engaging, energetic and lovely, she is a consummate professional. Jandina has the ability to understand quickly what a customer is looking for. She has the ability to listen carefully and quickly connect the information she is receiving with options that will meet the needs expressed. Additionally, she has the depth of expertise to present options that go beyond minimum expectations and offer ones that exceed expectations.

Once a solution is determined, she is rigorous in presenting the final options, tracking every aspect of the transaction, presenting the cost and the billing process, and clear about when the order will be complete and delivered. Throughout the process, she is in touch regularly with updates.

Jandina often goes above and beyond standard expectations. She hand delivers items when needed, handles any exchanges or additions quickly, and travels on location to make sure that the end result is what the customer desired.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jandina as a person of integrity, with values of hard work and dedication, and with the ability to connect on a personal level while understand complex financial and organizational details. She would be a highly valuable asset to any organization.

Mary Oldshue

“Jandina brings to her work a deep understanding of the universal elements of quality and a well-developed skill in perceiving buyer needs and wants. In my experience, her approach to sales is guided by a wise priority on determining fit for the buyer. She is both reliable and gracious in follow up.”

Susan Scovell

Working with Jandina has always been such a joyful experience. She adds life to a project whether it be designing / opening an incredible jewelry store or grading a driveway. She has gusto and “get it done “ energy. I have worked with her on designing and building 6 homes or stores, and her involvement has always improved the projects by leaps and bounds. Working with her on real-estate and commercial development has added great value to these projects.

She is a serious researcher in all things real estate. The word “TENACITY” comes to mind when I think of Jandina, she does not
give up. Anyone would benefit from her views and experiences. A few other words that apply are “PROFESSIONAL, HONEST, and SALT OF THE EARTH”.

I rate our 35 year friendship and working relationship with 10 stars !!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Please feel free to contact me if you need more information, sscovell@gmail.com